Nowgoal: Check Online Scores

NowGoal is a Professional sports website, which is made for global usage amongst various countries and regions.

The site is available in various languages such as English, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, etc. The site totally works upon the sports information across various sports including football, basketball, etc., and it works on data services as a core part.

To talk about the technology NowGoal uses, they are actively using 7 technologies for its websites, namely:

  • Viewport Meta
  • iPhone/ Mobile compatible
  •  Mobile non-scalable content

NowGoal ranks- 112,123 amongst the website across the globe based on its monthly viewers of around 340,010. The site has a great sports industry background; they have a huge team, along with world-class data and information.

What all they cover as a site-?

  1. They cover a large number of sports namely:
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Baseball
  • American football, etc.

With the help of the latest technology, they provide in-depth data, clarity, and history game info. as well. They provide the most accurate and the latest news on their websites.

NowGoal is founded in the year 2000 and the company’s headquarters region is Asia-Pacific (APAC).

Highlights of NowGoal:

Once you click on their website. One as a visitor can easily see and can search for your favorite sports on the topmost search bar. For example:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Esports

On the first page or the landing page of the site, one can always see the live scores running on the landing page.

Not just the live scores, they also provide other options as well which enables the users to even see and search for the finishes matches as well. If you are a new joiner or a newcomer to the site and wanted to see the latest updates on your favorite games, you can easily see that.

My Game Option: where you can see all the available matches, leagues, and teams. To get all the information you just need to “star mark” all your favorite sports.

More Add-on features on NowGoal

  • Under the option of community users, one can see what other users are betting on, or what advice they are giving to the other users.
  • There are a few handles and pages on the site, which one can follow.
  • Sign in to NowGoal and never miss out on anything.
  • You can see your and other users’ ranking, their followers, likes, and even how many times they have won the online matches.

With recent times, and the latest technology it has become quite feasible and easy to get everything with just a single click. It can be handled on a mobile phone or desktop. This site is not just for sports lovers but also for someone who loves betting. It allows the users to stay tuned with the live scores, statistics, and bets as per the trend. It also shows the previous history and graph. Those who wanted to avail themselves full experience are advised to make their account on the site for a better experience.

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