A Beginner’s Guide to Playing 4D Toto

With the advances in technology, people can conveniently access gaming or betting websites using their computers or smartphones. Thereby, individuals wanting to play casino games, bet on sports, and place a 4D online bet, can now partake in any of these activities comfortably at anytime and anyplace.

Lottery players can now easily access various 4D Singapore online pools lottery shops to obtain a ticket. This enables them to seize the opportunity to win big at a minimal cost of their acquired lottery ticket. The 4D lottery is the widely-known and popular computerized lottery system in Singapore and Malaysia. Many lotto bettors participate in 4D lottery as this offers them the opportunity to change their fortunes overnight.

With its popularity in the two countries, more and more individuals are partaking in 4D lottery. And, similar to other types of betting, bettors also need to understand the mechanics of placing 4D bets and winning prizes.

If you are one of the beginner bettors hoping to participate in 4D Toto and win a prize, here is how you can play and win:

How to Play and Win 4D Toto?

You can place 4D lottery wagers one week before or as late as six in the evening of the draw day – this takes place on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Essentially, you will be selecting 4-digit number combination/s that range from 0000 to 9999. Then, you have tochoose if you will be placing big bets or small bets. In big bets, you can win a prize if your number is drawn as one of the 23 winning numbers. On the other hand, if you place small bets, you can only win a prize if your number is drawn as one of the top three winning numbers.

Afterward, you will then choose how you will be placing your bets. There are five ways to place your 4D wager: ordinary, 4D roll, system entry, iBet, and quick pick.

Ordinary entry is the betting type where you will only be betting on your selected 4-digit number (in a specific order). Meanwhile, quick pick is when you place a bet on a random number generated by a computer.

4D roll entry is the type of 4D betting where you will be placing a bet on ten 4-digit combinations. In essence, you will be choosing 3-digits and a rolling integer, represented by “R.”

System entry and iBet entry are somewhat similar; these betting types allow you to bet on all possible permutations of your chosen number. The main difference between system entry and iBet is that in the latter, you will only have to bet a minimum of $1 regardless of the total number of combinations you will be betting on.


Where to Place 4D Toto Bets?

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